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BookingHealth is a Scheduling System that provides a technology platform that makes it easy for patients to choose the right doctor from a well-respected physician network, with verified information and fast scheduling.

We understand that patients deserve to be selected for high quality health care services, such as:

  • Check with your doctor
  • Get a good specialist
  • The doctor's information has been clearly verified from the specialty, the training process, work experience
  • Convenient medical facility, reasonable price, transparent service
  • Modern medical equipment, support accurate diagnosis
  • Minimize waiting time, queue
  • Make a simple appointment, anytime, anywhere.
  • Our team is always trying their best, with the hope of patients' peace of mind to choose good specialists for their health problems. Make the appointment and visit of the patient as simple and convenient as possible.

Therefore, the BookingHealth online booking system is built on the following basic principles.

Highly qualified physician

The BookingHealth system offers appointment scheduling services to top specialist doctors in Hanoi. We are looking for and recommend a list of doctors who are trusted by many patients who wish to be examined and appreciated by colleagues in the industry.

Doctors have been working at leading hospitals such as Bach Mai Hospital, Viet Duc Hospital, Military Hospital 108, Military Hospital 103, National Hospital of Paediatrics, National Hospital of Otolaryngology , The Vietnam Heart Institute ... Many people are awarded the title of Doctors of the People, excellent doctors, senior doctors or a degree of specialist doctors, resident doctors ...

At this time, most doctors have an appointment for hours or over-the-clock care, in carefully selected private hospitals or clinics in Hanoi.

Connecting patients with "correct physician"

Disease is a quadriplegic. Many patients complain that, the disease has visited many places, meet many doctors, many solutions and then not off. One of the important reasons is not to meet the right doctor with his disease. Causing a lot of time to cure, cost of money and effort. Many depressed people do not want to continue to visit or listen to the advice of others who may not be effective.

With the desire to help the patient to meet the right doctor with his disease, we arrange the specialist system, introduce the information of the doctor has been clear, reliable, editorial content of the handbook easily. Understand, along with the support of the system, to help the patient understand his or her problem, to schedule the correct specialist physician.

In addition, the system regularly reviews the patient's feedback after the visit and the treatment plan of the doctor. From there, we understand more about the expertise of each doctor to connect the right patient.

The system helps the patient to meet the right specialist with his disease, ensuring "right people, correct disease". Thereby, saving time, cost, contributing to improve the effectiveness of medical examination and treatment.

Attentive support

We understand that, in addition to the friendly, convenient online scheduling platform, the support team's immediate support role is very important. Therefore, our team is available to assist and answer your questions about booking services on BookingHealth. At the same time, support the patient both before, during and after the examination.

Before examination

  • Check the appointment, prepare before the examination
  • Travel guide, procedures for examination

During the examination

  • Help solve problems during the examination
  • Assist the patient with the request

After the examination

  • Receive comments from patients after the examination
  • Support for clarification, clarification of technical issues
  • Protect the rights of the patient after the examination

BookingHealth does not directly provide medical services that mediate between patients and physicians. In practice, problems arise that are unavoidable. Having a reliable partnership with doctors and medical facilities, we will be able to assist patients in resolving their concerns. In fact, many patients' questions have been answered clearly or the consultation is free.

Make a 24/7 friendly, helpful appointment

BookingHealth operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year, including holidays and holidays, so you can book online. This is a great advantage of an Internet appointment system that works 24/7 instead of limited to administrative hours like traditional services.

You can use BookingHealth's appointment service at any time if you have a non-urgent medical condition, plan to have an active visit. Or simply want to have a suitable, effective alternative to the registration of direct examination and wait, queue at the medical facility.

Our appointment service is completely free to schedule.

Any suggestions please contact:

CSKH: 02473.012.468
Email: support@bookinghealth.com.vn


  • Free consultation and consultation